The Mirror Crack'd, art by PattRose

The Mirror Crack'd
by Hutchrules3

SHSVS, Episode 703

After an exhausting working weekend, Starsky and Hutch receive some frightening news: his father has been assaulted by a psychotic patient and lies critically injured in a Duluth hospital. Despite the painfully fresh memories of Dr. Hutchinson's rejection, Hutch cannot deny his sense of family obligation, and the two detectives postpone a well-deserved vacation to fly to Minnesota. As they search for a patient whose paranoid madness is dangerously enhanced by a brilliant mind and a haunting trauma, Hutch struggles with the question of how to reconcile with his father--and whether he even wants to.

Graphics version:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Non-graphics version, 1 part, 197K

Artwork by PattRose.

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